Wednesday, April 15, 2015

SERM Aromatise Inhibitor Basics

Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) Compounds that bind with estrogen receptors and exhibit estrogen action in some tissues and anti-estrogen action in other tissues. The ideal SERM would deliver all the benefits of estrogen without the adverse effects. ex: Clomiphene Citrate (Marketed as Clomid or Serophene). Tamoxifen (Marketed as Nolvadex).

Aromatise Inhibitor (AI) Aromatase inhibitors exhibit a very different mechanism of action than SERM's. Aromatase inhibitors prevent the conversion of androgens into estrogen in fat, muscle, breast, and brain. ex: Anastrazole (brand name Arimidex). FEMARA (letrozole tablets).

NOTE: Clomid and Nolvadex are both anti-estrogens belonging to the same group of triphenylethylene compounds. They are structurally related and specifically classified as selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) with mixed agonistic and antagonistic properties. This means that in certain tissues they can block the effects of estrogen, by altering the binding capacity of the receptor, while in others they can act as actual estrogens, activating the receptor. In men, both of these drugs act as anti-estrogens in their capacity to oppose the negative feedback of estrogens on the hypothalamus and stimulate the heightened release of GnRH (Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone). LH output by the pituitary will be increased as a result, which in turn can increase the level of testosterone by the testes.

Although these two are related anti-estrogens, they appear to act very differently at different sites of action. Nolvadex seems to be strongly anti-estrogenic at both the hypothalamus and pituitary, which is in contrast to Clomid, which although a strong anti-estrogen at the hypothalamus, seems to exhibit weak estrogenic activity at the pituitary.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Safer and More Responsible Steroid Use for Bodybuilders as They Get Older

With the age bodybuilders starting to think that it would be hard on the body to maintain forever big bodyweight, and anyway older guys that are really fit are never really big. And the heart probably declines in its ability to support bodyweight. Plus, there could be something to the idea that steroid use is cumulative in adverse side effects. How might I slow down my use with time?

As a personal decision, allowing for example a 1.5 lb drop per year could work out reasonably. For example, if 200 lb lean at 50, then 185 lb lean at 60 would be credible, and 170 at 70. Even possibly 155 at 80.

So part of “slowing down” use would be to slowly reset personal goals. You may also reduce total grams of steroid use per year to only the amount necessary to meet goals. Right now you’re at about 26 grams per year. Presently, you could likely cut to 15-20 grams per year to meet goals.

Unfortunately there is no sufficient case information to say for a fact whether it would be best for health to do this as fewer “on” weeks per year but at the same dosage per week, or the same number of “on” weeks per year but at a lower dosage. Make the decision based on lipid profile, blood pressure, hematocrit, and any abnormalities from blood tests at your current dosage. If your values are good presently, then reduce the weeks per year; if values obviously should be improved, reduce the dosage while keeping weeks per year the same.

Further down the road, you might find it most effective to enjoy “supplementation” level dosings such as 100-200 mg/week Masteron, or Masteron with HCG, with only the occasional steroid cycle, and then finally an HRT approach that keeps you at high normal androgen levels.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Importance of Sleep for Bodybuilders

If try to express the essence of muscle development in a few words then it is about weight training plus diet and rest. Bodybuilding is much more than that, but as in any field is good for the overall look to know this thing.

Many newbie looking to gain muscle are more concerned to know which supplement is better while overlook more important issues, as the problem of sleep.
People spends a third of life sleeping. Sleep has a fundamental importance for our health, both physically and mentally. If sleep is disrupted, individuals can not perform their work efficiently, it affects almost every aspect of life. For bodybuilders a good and restful sleep, respecting the number of hours required for restoration is one of the essential prerequisites to obtain the desired performance, expressed especially effective in muscle development.

Not many people know that muscles grow during rest and not during exercise. The consumed effort during training with weights is just a stimulus for increasing muscle, since hypertrophy occurs in the period when the muscle is no longer required, especially in sleep. Not sleeping, in some cases voluntary (for various entertainment or to learn), but in many cases caused by a failure of sleep hygiene will lead to changes in the body and all physiological functions will manifest both behavioral (irritability, depression, decreased ability to concentrate) and in terms of maintaining physical performance. A bodybuilder who does not sleep enough for a while will notice muscle growth stagnation, sometimes an involution, impaired motor capacities, coordination and strength. In other words, will find that training doesn’t go as before, tired more quickly, can not concentrate, can not load the bar or can not perform the proposed number of repetitions and breathing hard.
Sleep deprivation is cumulative and can have serious effects on health.
Real bodybuilders have a very ordered life program and a strong desire. Beginner bodybuilders should know some important things about sleep hygiene:

Although there are big differences between people (some 6-7 hours sleep and feel fully rested, while others need 10 hours), it is recommended a minimum of 8 hours per night and optionally another 1-2 hours during the day. Wake up at the same time every morning (even on weekends). Try to go to bed at the same time every evening. A regular sleep schedule will make it to be as effective.
Meantime a short sleep session during the day it’s not mandatory. If you do not feel the need to sleep over the day, than you have not to do it. For many bodybuilders is sufficient sleep at night.
It was found that exercises performed 3-4 hours before the bedtime spoils the sleep. So make sure you schedule your training in the right time. Also, it is known that regular exercise performed in the first part of the afternoon improve deep sleep.

Meal, eaten at night, affects the quality of sleep. Portion of protein taken at bedtime, in addition to provide protein needs during the night can be a habit to be part of "ritual" for bedtime, with a role in inducing sleep.

Guess you know the most important products that may disturb the sleep process. It’s about caffeine, tea and supplements that have neurostimulators properties. You should always try to avoid the intake of these products about 4-6 hours before bedtime, because they will disturb your sleep.

Cigarettes and other related products are stimulants; they should be avoided before bedtime and during night revivals. Instead alcohol speeds up the sleep coming.  Unfortunately, even in small quantities, it affects the last part of sleep.
The sleep place should be as comfortable as possible. Avoid extreme temperatures, light and noise. Noise is the most common problem that sometimes can not be controlled; negative impact on sleep can still be reduced by using a device to mask the noise.

Specialists recommend to all of us to create a ritual before the bedtime, for example, drink a glass of milk, or take the last portion of protein per day or to read a preferred book.
Sometimes problems can be worse than some transient insomnia and in these cases most appropriate solution is a consultation with the family doctor, who is only able to recommend the use of hypnotics. Their self-manage behavior some risks, especially if applied in unknowingly.

A reasonable rest time is the one the most important detail in building muscle.  Sleep well, stay healthy and gain muscle quickly!

Friday, December 19, 2014

How to understand if you need to take steroids?

Bodybuilding and steroids appeared simultaneously. Every bodybuilder has thought at least one time about the usefulness of steroids to build crazy muscle mass.

The subject of steroids use is largely discussed on the internet and not only. You will find communities on this subject where people share their opinion about steroids use. In most cases people has a negative attitude regarding steroids, as you may have too.

There are many active users on forums who says that achieved great results in building muscle mass without any steroids. If you take a look on their photos you understand that they really look great and wonder what is wrong with you- have no increase for few weeks already. These guys are lucky ones, they are very well genetically gifted and have no problems to increase muscle mass visibly in short periods of time.

But not all of us has the same potential, and despite we are working hard in the gym, rest well, following a rich in proteins diet, the results delays to occur.

What ordinary people, hardgainers who find difficult to add at least one kg of muscle mass, should do? Do they train hard in the gym during five, ten years to get the same look as other get in one year?  You will not need it after ten years, when you will not be young already, you want to look great now. It is unfair to wait so long for this, that’s why people include steroids in their diet, and get that nice lean body they dreamed at so long.

You have to understand that steroids work like magic, really fast and you will get big in short period of time. If you are training in the gym for a period one year and get no result, and decided to include steroids in your diet in some point then within weeks you will just blew up. The main idea is that you need to have a strong sense of self, have already be on the journey for strength development for at least one year. You need to have training experience before taking steroids.

If you are a person who care the way you look, and want to get that nice lean body as soon as possible than the use of steroids is a variable that you should consider. There is a wide range of anabolic steroids for this purpose, the most popular being anabol, anadrol, deca, parabolan.

Muscle size is not all the time proportional to the strength. There are many bodybuilder who achieved really nice bodies, but are very weak at strengh chapter. If your attempts to increase strength through traditional workouts has no results than you can opt for steroids with such features.  Anapolon, Halotestin,Tren are just few of the wide range of steroids available on the market that will increase your strength body within weeks.

Another situation could be when you have a good amount of muscle mass and body fat is lower than 10% and you want now to get muscle definition. You need just to get muscle definition, while keep the muscle mass at the same level. Nice cutting diet, daily cardio exercises for at least 45 minutes maybe will help you to get your muscles defined, without getting them bigger. But if you do not manage to do it, than just add to these elements of the following steroids and you get it surely-Trenbolone, Winstrol Stanozolol, Masteron, Anavar, Equipoise. This isn’t an exhaustive list,and you can always check for other steroids with the same effect.

Anabolic steroids are not as horrible as they are described  in many sources. In many countries this category of drugs is prescribed to almost all the elderly members of the stronger sex as it maintain testosterone level. Namely on the testosterone level in the body depends the potency, good mood and the percentage of body fat. Also steroids are prescribed to people with impaired protein metabolism and incomplete metabolism.

So, we can definitely say that steroids are probably an elixir of beauty and youth. But, there is a big “BUT” that everybody should keep in mind – always follow logical doses, and do not get big doses as they have unwanted side effects. And there is no need to mention them, as they are listed everywhere on the internet and are used as main counterargument of steroid use.

As you see there are real situations when steroids help you to get what you want. Go over all stereotypes regarding steroids, see where is the truth and get the best from steroids use. Inform yourself about right doses, cycles and you get great results.

Despite steroids are blamed, the number of people who use them continue to increase. There are no recent official data about the number of people who takes steroids. The last one dates from 1994 and show that more than 1 mil people had used anabolic steroids, this means 0,5 of mature people. Unofficially, this number at the moment is about 3 mil of people.
Worldwide the number of people who smoke is about 1.3 billion versus 76.3 million who drink alcohol. And these vices are addictive and have more dangerous effects than any steroid!

Friday, December 12, 2014

How Testosterone Levels Affect Muscle Growth and Fat Loss

Higher testosterone levels are often equated with more muscle growth and fat loss. Is it that simple?

If you ask the average gymgoer what single physical factor most affects muscle growth and fat loss, they would probably answer “testosterone levels.” And they’re right.

Testosterone is certainly a primary hormonal driver of muscle growth. Research has shown that anabolic steroids, which drastically raise testosterone levels, given to even young, healthy men can induce muscle growth and fat loss without any exercise whatsoever.

Thus, it would be fair to assume that the higher our testosterone levels are, the more muscle we build and the leaner we get, right?

Testosterone Levels and Muscle Growth

We already know that dramatically elevating testosterone levels induces muscle growth.

Yes, if you take enough of the right steroids, your testosterone levels will skyrocket, and if you lift weights regularly, you will be able to achieve more muscle growth than if you were drug-free.

But here’s something that most people don’t know:

Fluctuation of testosterone levels within the physiological normal range does not affect muscle growth.

That is, if your testosterone levels are right-down-the-middle normal, and you increase them to a high-normal, you may feel a little better and notice a boost in libido…but it won’t enable you to build more muscle.

I know that sounds kind of blasphemous, but it’s actually been scientifically proven.

Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science conducted and published a study about a decade ago wherein they administered varying amounts of  testosterone enanthate along with drugs to inhibit natural testosterone production to young, healthy men for 20 weeks.

While higher testosterone levels did produce greater muscle gains, it wasn’t as pronounced as you might think.

What researchers found was that so long as testosterone levels were within the physiological normal range, between 300-1,000 ng/dl, muscle growth didn’t change very much. That is, the subjects on the low end of normal weren’t that far behind subjects on the high end in terms of muscle growth.

A statistically significant increase in muscle growth wasn’t seen until testosterone levels surpassed the top of “normal” by about 20-30%.

Now, this study does have a limitation: subjects weren’t exercising. While total amounts of muscle and strength gained would clearly have been higher if they had been weightlifting, the relationship between testosterone levels and overall muscle growth would still be seen.

This was partially demonstrated by another study, this time conducted by McMaster University with young, resistance trained men.

Subjects lifted 5 times per week for 12 weeks, and followed a standard dietary protocol (high-protein intake, post-workout nutrition, etc.). The primary finding of the study was that the exercise-induced spikes in anabolic hormones like testosterone, growth hormone, and IGF-1, which all remained within physiological normal ranges, had no effect on overall muscle growth and strength gains.

That is, all subjects made gains in muscle, but the variations in the size of the hormone spikes among them had no bearing on the results.

The key takeaway here is not that you should take steroids, but that things you can do to naturally raise your testosterone levels are unlikely to affect your muscle growth.

And speaking of steroids, the above findings are in line with steroid research as well.

For instance, researchers at Maastricht University conducted an extensive review of literature related to the use of anabolic steroids and found that the muscle gains in people engaging in resistance training while on anabolic steroids mostly ranged between 2-5 kg (4.5-11 pounds) over the short term (less than 10 weeks). The largest amount of muscle growth researchers found was 7 kg (15.5 pounds) over 6 weeks of weightlifting while on steroids.

The point is this:

Even steroids don’t always dramatically increase the amount of muscle you can build (it depends what you take, in what dosages, and for how long), so what does that tell us about how fluctuations of testosterone in the normal physiological range relate to muscle growth?

As I talk about in my article on the best supplements for muscle growth, this is why buying natural testosterone boosters for muscle growth purposes is a complete waste of money. Even if they work (and most don’t), it’s just not going to help you build more muscle.

The only exception might be someone whose testosterone is at the absolute bottom of the physiologically normal range, or even below that, and who is then able to naturally increase it to the top of the range. That person would probably notice an improvement in muscle growth, not to mention overall well-being, libido, cognitive function, and so forth.

Now, I’m not saying that there’s no reason to do anything to naturally improve your testosterone levels. Improving muscle growth just isn’t on the list. Losing fat, however, is…
Testosterone Levels and Fat Loss

Unlike muscle growth, researchers at the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science did find that fluctuations of testosterone within the physiological normal range had significant effects on body fat percentage.

The higher the testosterone levels, the leaner subjects were. And conversely, the lower the testosterone levels, the fatter they were. When researchers decreased certain subjects’ testosterone levels from the baseline average of 600 ng/dl to around 300 ng/dl, they saw a dramatic 36% increase in fat mass.

Although the exact mechanisms behind this aren’t fully understood just yet, research has show that testosterone directly inhibits the creation of fat cells and that low testosterone is a contributing factor to obesity.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Veterinary steroids used in human

If you are about to take anabolic steroids for enhancing body performance and for increasing muscle mass than you should actually know what are the sources they come from. Since over the last years the number of americans who used steroids raised to six millions ( unofficially this number can be quite higher) the market of anabolics has been invaded by many unlegit steroids providers.

There are three classes of steroids that are currently available: human grade, underground grade and veterinary steroids. Human grade steroids are designed for treating different human diseases. They are manufactured by pharmaceutical  companies that meet a set of national and international standards. Human grade steroids are produced in sterile environment, and are consistently dosed. Contrary to this, underground grade steroids are at high risk of being contaminated with different bacteria, are underdosed and  produced in poor sanitary conditions. In consequence, the price is much lower than in case of human grade steroids.

But in this article we will talk about veterinary steroids, which are largely used among bodybuilders for their properties. Veterinary steroids are also called horse steroids, as they are designed to be used in horse but not only. However, during the time some of them began to be very appreciated by bodybuilders due to their low side effects and amazing anabolic properties.

Veterinary steroids are good steroids since they are produced in sterile condition, following the quality measure in the place of their production. But we can not talk about the same level of control as in case of human grade. The same thing can be said about ingredients and doses, but one is for sure that they are better monitored as in case of underground grade steroids where no control is taken.

Most popular veterinary steroids used in human

By the far, Trenbolone-Acetate (Finaplix) is one of the most powerful steroid among all steroids that proved its priority over the time. It is a horses steroid that is largely used in human, having three times stronger characteristics than testosterone. There are other two forms of Tren, but only Trenbolone-acetate is produced in veterinary steroids labs.

Tren effectively builds muscle mass and increase body strength, helping you to preserve almost all muscles gained over the cycle. It greatly reduce the recovery time too. But it is a really harsh on your health, especially if you are misused it. Be aware of this every time you are about running a Tren cycle.

Equipoise or officially named Boldenone Undecylenate is another veterinarian steroid that has been initially used in horses. It provides lean muscle mass and strength. When taking Equipoise you have not to expect fast muscle gains. In case of this steroid, gains come slowly, but are a high quality. Aside of this, Equipoise make you eat more and improve blood circulation.  This means that your muscle will get more nutrients necessary for growth and  they will  be better oxygenated.

Winstrol (Stanozolol) is the third most used horse steroid by bodybuilders. The version developed by veterinary labs is known as Winny-V. It is largely used during cutting cycles, as it effectively burn fat and gives nice lean muscle muscle mass gains. You simple become faster and stronger after cycling with Winstrol. This is the main reason for being so popular among performance athletes.

Thereby, if Tren is great choice for adding muscle size, Equipoise and Winny-V are a great addition to any cutting cycle, helping you to lean out and getting stronger.

Regarding their quality has to be said that only Winstrol can be found in all three sources: human grade pharmaceuticals, veterinarian grade and underground. When it comes to Tren or Equipoise you will have to choose between underground labs and veterinary grade pharmaceuticals. Since the quality of underground labs are quite low, a wiser decision would be to choose a vet grade Tren or Equipoise.  For this you will have to buy a bottle of Equipoise and another one of Fna-Palettes that would have to carefully converted into Trenbolone acetate. If you decide to go this way, than be very careful to sanitary and strictly follow the right doses when mixing.

Many people just feel uncomfortable and refuse to take something that was designed for animal use. On the other hand, there are people who found veterinarian steroids irreplaceable, offering great results for an affordable price. Also, they are quickly assimilated,

and are out of the system faster than other type of steroids. Thus, vet steroids are great pre contest choice, being hard to detect in blood tests.

Since are designed for animals who weigh much more than human, veterinary steroids are used in human in a very small quantity. So, you can take a 10th part of compound to get noticeable results. This means that the side effects associated with its use are reduced too.  The best would be to combine a vet steroid with an one human oral or injectable. Such a stuck will boost your muscle size if you chose Tren, or get you a shredded look and increased body strength if you take Equipoise or Winstrol.

As you see, veterinary steroids are those designed for animal use (especially horses), but are largely used in human too. There are three most known vet steroids that are very effective for different purposes:Tren, Equipoise and Winstrol. The idea is that only one form of Tren  and Equipoise is produced by vet grade pharmaceuticals. These steroids can not be found in human grade pharmaceuticals, but are produced in underground labs.

That’s why when it comes to make a choice where to get these products from, you are advised to make you choice for vet versions. Despite they are not produced under the tight control and do not meet all quality requirements, they are better quality than underground drugs where no control is hold. Usually they are properly dosed, not contaminated and contain quality hormones. Namely the quality of the used hormone makes the difference between genuine anabolic steroid and a fake one.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Bodybuilding and Hair Loss – Can Steroids Cause Hair Loss?

Genetics play an important role in the sports world. In body building genetics plays an even more important part. For many, their genetic predisposition to gain lean muscle easily will give them an obvious advantage of the more thinly framed. For others, it’s their ability to loss body fat without losing muscle that will help them gain the edge. With this focus on genetics, it’s to be reminded of other genetic factors that come into play. Hair loss is one of them. Not everyone is affected by hair loss. Some men will start showing signs of baldness in their late twenties; others will keep their well into their twilight years.

If members of your family are prone to male pattern baldness, it is more than likely that you also have the genetic markers. Anabolic steroids will only serve to speed up this process. An understanding of what is in anabolic steroids and how your body processes will help you to understand why it is that you should avoid using steroids.


DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a substance in your body that binds to receptors in hair follicles causing a thinning of the hairline. DHT is made when testosterone is converted by an enzyme called 5AR (5 Alpha reductase). If you have a genetic disposition for male pattern baldness then you already have the necessary substances flowing through your body. Testosterone and 5AR. Whats worse is that some steroids don’t even have to be converted. Anadrol and Winstrol are derived from DHT. This means that they don’t have to be converted to affect your hairline. They are able to bind directly to the hair follicles. There are several other steroids on the market that interact differently with your body, almost all of them having a negative effect on your hairline.

DHT can also have cause another change in your body chemistry. DHT can actually signal the body’s immune system to attack hair follicles. So now, not only is your body chemistry creating a hostile growth environment for hair, but it is also telling your body to attack hair follicles.

 Will it grow back?

Most likely some of you are reading this because you noticed a few too many hairs were lining the sink this morning. The important thing is that you realize this. If you are cycling steroids and your hair starts falling out, it means your hair follicles are sensitive to androgens. Unless you’ve decided to embrace baldness, you need to stop immediately. If you have a family history of male pattern baldness, you have probably activated it prematurely. At this point your only hope is to slow its onset. You’re next step is to visit an endocrinologist. Only a qualified medical professional can diagnose and treat your condition.

In the interest of full disclosure, it is difficult if not impossible to grow hair back that was lost due to high levels of DHT. Your goal at this point is to dramatically slow down the process.

Think about why most people start body building in the first place. Chances are it is to fix some body image issues. What were your reasons? Whatever they may be, at the root of it is a desire to be respected. It takes a lot of motivation and determination to reach your goals. Is the risk of steroids unwanted side effects worth it? For some the answer is yes.

Do steroids cause hair loss? No but if you have any genetic disposition to losing your hair early or if anyone in your family suffers from male pattern baldness, your choice to use steroids could very well speed it up. Compounding this danger is the fact that some people realize they could lose their hair. So in an effort to protect their hairline, they use solutions like Finasteride, Nizoral, Minoxidil thinking that these alone will protect their hair. The truth is they are only going to help slow things down. Once your the genes that cause baldness have been turned on, their damage is permanent. Baldness is not simply a symptom of a hormone imbalance. Male pattern baldness is a result. Results like baldness can be permanent. The best way to avoid hair loss from steroid use is to avoid steroids from the beginning.

Choosing a natural approach to body building may be hard. If you people want to get the results from steroids only then it seems impossible. You have to change your mind set. The benefits of a long term change in lifestyle will far outweigh any short term gains from steroids.